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Employment In Canada

When looking at the Service Canada website it's easy to see that there are hundreds of opportunities within Canada for employment or education that will help you one day get the career of your dreams. But in recent times, we have seen that the country is going through a downturn that has hugely affected all economic markets. If you need to relocate to a different city and find a new job, this news can be very distressing. You could be one of the best lawyers often referred to others, and still be worried about finding an available position. Well, this guide to the state of employment in Canada should help to open your eyes.

Jobs in Canada have actually increased as of late, with September of 2009 having

The largest increase in full-time employment since May of 2006. The unemployment rate was increasing but made a turn in October, coming down to a national percentage of 8.4%. As far as the different sectors go for employment, Ottawa is saying that construction, manufacturing and education are on the rise, while there are declining numbers for transportation and warehousing.

But, we all know that Canada is a vast country and what is going on in the West is not necessarily true to the east. If you're thinking of working with a company in Vancouver, British Columbia or companies in New Brunswick or Prince Edward Island, you will be entering into the job markets that have seen the most positive change in the last couple of months. Ontario jobs are also increasing in the full-time sector, but this province is losing many part-time positions.

The unemployment rate in Ontario is sitting above the national average at 9.2%. This is 0.2% lower than in the previous month and is due to the shift between part time and full-time jobs. If you are established in landscaping for example or in the medical profession, you are more likely to find something than someone looking for an entry-level position. There were over sixty thousand new full-time jobs created but forty thousand part-time positions were cut.

The one thing about the job market is that with the decline of one industry there always seems to be an increase in another. Companies today may be searching for new commercial mortgage solutions and cutting down on their advertising budgets to make it through a difficult time. The key is to find a niche where you can use your experience and find work that is relevant to today. If you are able to do that than you will be able to find a job from Victoria to St. Johns. Our page is compliments of Dufferin Rogers Dental (website)

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