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Townhouse Options

If you are a young couple looking for that perfect little home, then why not explore a townhouse option? Or if you have just retired and are looking for a smaller home, then this may be a perfect solution for you. You may however choose to go after a larger house because your family is still living at home and in this case one of those houses may just be what the doctor ordered.

If you are seeking a home in a small city close to Toronto then you may want to contact a local real estate agent but if you are looking for a city that is close to Detroit so that you can visit your parents often, then have a close look at Windsor Ontario.

Windsor is the place to be if you are in search of lots of green space. This south western Ontario city provides you with lots of parkland and is located on the banks of the Detroit River. It is close enough to Toronto for you to be able to take long drives through some of those beautiful neighbourhoods at your leisure.

Windsor is rich in parkland and lush gardens. It is culturally diverse; over 20% of its population was born outside of Canada. Many real estate agent would tell you that they recommend Windsor to clients wishing to move to Ontario.

Windsor is strategically located with reference to the United States; directly across the river from Detroit. It is a bustling city that never sleeps and it is close enough to Toronto to enable residents to pay frequent visits to Toronto. Many agents make Windsor one of their favourite stops.

Windsor is a mix of urban and suburban. There is a wide range of home styles; from older homes to beautiful riverfront ones. You can go for the rural ambience or the livelier student one or maybe the modern condo and townhouse environment. Or you may prefer a more historic setting. If you favour the international scene, you can explore the Italian, Asian, and Middle Eastern enclaves of the city.

It's all up to you but rest assured that Windsor has enough to satisfy everyone. The cost of living is extremely affordable and real estate is within your financial reach. So how about it? Why not pay a visit to Windsor?

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