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Ontario Home Values - Comparing Windsor Ontario Homes for Sale

Real estate customers have access to a lot more information now than they did twenty or even ten years ago, so it's possible for them to make more informed decisions. Unfortunately, that can also lead to some uncertainty. People moving to Windsor, Ontario fret that they might get better deals on homes for sale in Vaughan or condos in Burnaby. They end up delaying or pontificating and putting their lives on hold. We'll put those fears to rest for you by comparing showing you what homes are valued at in other parts of Ontario.

Small Homes

Ontario is peppered with millions of small homes that will fit a family just fine. With three bedrooms and a bath and a half, their 1,200 square feet of living space is perfect for a family on a budget. homes for sale in Erin Mills Mississauga of this type cost an average of half a million dollars, which is, incidentally, about the average for all of the Greater Toronto Area, though they can get as cheap as $326,000 and as high as $780,0 depending on the locale. Elsewhere in Ontario, Brantford and Hamilton Center are the cheapest places for small homes (averages of $189,000 and $114,000).

Large Homes

Many Ontarians dream of finding success at the top of the corporate ladder and of being able to afford a house that shows off that success. Large homes like these usually have five or more bedrooms and a host of luxuries like multiple fireplaces and a two car garage. Riverdale houses in Toronto look like this and average $800,000 while a similar home in Woodbridge is a mere $460,000. Elsewhere in Ontario, Rockcliffe Park in Ottawa costs upwards of two million, while Barrie is a more reasonable $505,000 and North Bay is practically cheap at $380,000.


Condos are the real estate of choice for upwardly mobile urban professionals, which means condos only usually found in high density urban areas. Etobicoke real estate agents can find you a 900 square foot place with two bedrooms and a few building amenities like parking and a gym for around $330,000 while the waterfront area of Toronto is closer to $415,000. In Ottawa condos average out at $316,000, while London is the cheapest at $138,000. Barrie is comparatively expensive at $248,000.

Town Houses

Town houses are a type of medium density housing that marries urban living with the suburban desire to own your own home. Town houses are usually comparable in size to small houses. Custom homes London, Ontario come it at a fairly reasonable average of $160,000 while Ottawa averages range from $250,000 to $320,000. In the Greater Toronto Area, Cabbagetown is quite expensive, at $575,000, as is Bloor West Village, at $455,000. You can save by choosing Mississauga ($267,000) or Scarborough ($265,000) instead.

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