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There are many reasons for moving to Windsor, Ontario. Maybe you're looking to expand your personal business into Southwestern Ontario. Maybe you love Canada but you want to be close to family in Detroit. Or maybe you simply want a great piece of real estate in a safe city packed with parkland and beautiful greenery. Whatever your reasons for looking at real estate in Windsor, ON, this website can help you. It's run by Windsor, Ontario real estate agents and has all the information you need to find housing, commercial space, or amenities in the city of Windsor. So come check it out!

Windsor, Ontario: The Rose City

On the southeastern bank of the Detroit River between Lake St. Clair and Lake Erie lies the city of Windsor, Ontario. The city takes its name from the British city of Windsor and its nickname, "the Rose City" comes from the enormous amount of parkland and gardens it boasts. Windsor has a diverse population of 216,000, 20% of whom were born in a country other than Canada. Windsor is the southernmost city in Canada and the only border crossing point where you would actually drive north to get to the United States. Directly across the river is Detroit, Michigan, with which Windsor has an extremely close relationship. The Ambassador Bridge, the main crossing point between the two cities, is the #1 in North America for goods volume.

For a long time Windsor, ON's economy was based upon the automobile manufacturing industry, but with the recent downturn has begun to rely more upon tourism, pharmaceuticals, insurance, e-commerce, and shipping. The port of Windsor is the third largest on the Great Lakes. Some of the largest employers in the city are the government, the popular Caesars Windsor Casino, and the University of Windsor, which operates a satellite medical school and has a full-time enrollment of over 15,000 students.

Entertainment offerings in Windsor, ON are many, which contributes greatly to the tourist volume. The city has a number of popular restaurants in the Little Italy district and the largest casino in Canada. The city also has over 3,000 acres of public parks and 64 kilometers of trails. The most popular draw, however, is the two week International Freedom Festival hosted jointly with Detroit to celebrate Independence Day and Canada Day, which culminates in one of the world's largest fireworks displays.

Neighbourhoods and Home Styles in Windsor, ON

The city of Windsor, Ontario has a multitude of neighbourhoods you can feel safe living in, from denser urbanized areas to quieter suburban communities. With a wide variety of housing styles available, especially 1950s styles and onward, one of Windsor's neighbourhoods are sure to have the prefect home for you. Those looking for newer suburban homes should check out the large, beautiful homes of the Southwood Lakes neighbourhood. Older houses capitalizing on the natural beauty of the river and parkland can be found in Forest Glade and Riverside, though these homes can be expensive. For cheaper single family home alternatives, try Little River Acres or the Polonia Park non-profit housing project.

You can also find a lot of really nice condos and townhouses in Windsor, especially in neighbourhoods like Roseville Gardens and Fontainebleau. Students favor apartments in Bridgeview because of its proximity to the university, and those looking for a more rural lifestyle can find it in Ojibway. The near east side, downtown, and the Ottawa Street Village are where you will find the Middle Eastern, Italian, and Asian enclaves. Despite the fire that ravaged Windsor in 1871, you can still find surviving historic homes and buildings in the Sandwich neighbourhood if you'd like to be connected to Windsor's historic past.

Despite all its advantages, living in Windsor, Ontario is still very affordable. The cost of living there is only 92 compared to the average of 100, which is even less than neighbouring Detroit at 111. The average single family home in Windsor costs approximately $285,000 while renting a two bedroom apartment will cost you about $780 per month on average.

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Windsor Ontario is an ideal city for people from all walks of life, and after reading our informative web articles, we're sure you agree! If you have any further questions about Windsor or would like to get started looking at properties, your next step it to contact a Windsor real estate agent to assist you. You'll find Windsor residents to be friendly and helpful, and our real estate agents are no exception. Many thanks to Ideal Warehouse Innovations for their support!

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